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    • What is Virgin Hair?

    • What is Remy Hair?

    • How many bundles of hair do I need?

    • What is the difference between the Premium vs Cashmere Collection?

    What is Virgin Hair? top

    Virgin hair simply means the hair is unprocessed and has not been altered by a chemical or steam process. Donors vary so curl and wave patterns may vary. Most Virgin hair is a natural dark brown color, which varies between a 1b (black/brown) to a 3 (chocolate brown color)

    What is Remy Hair? top

    Contrary to popular belief, Remy simply means that the hair cuticles run in the same direction, thus allowing the hair to flow free without matting and tangling. Hair extensions that experience matting and tangling are usually non-remy textures.

    How many bundles of hair do I need? top

    Premium Collection

    Partial Weave 4oz-6oz = 1 bundle (Volume and Length)

    Full Weave- 8oz-10oz = 2 bundles for lengths up to 18". For lengths over 18" we suggest 3 bundles ( varies depending on desired fullness)

    Cashmere Collection

    Partial Weave 4-6oz = 2 bundles (Volume and Length)

    Full Weave- 8oz - 10oz = 3 Bundles for lengths up to 20". For lengths over 20" we suggest 4 bundles (varies depending on desired fullness)

    What is the difference between the Premium vs Cashmere Collection? top

    Premium Collection includes the following textures; Virgin Indian Natural Curly, Virgin Indian Straight Wave, Bahia (Nubian) Curly, Bahia (Nubian) Wavy These textures are available in full 4oz bundles and are sourced from 1 donor thus ensuring the highest quality on the market. The Virgin hair is Pure, raw and unprocessed provide for longevity, and the ability to wear the hair for several installs. The Bahia textures are custom blended to match African American or Bi-racial textured hair. The custom blend range from a med-low luster.

    Cashmere Collection The hair in this collection is available in 3-3.5oz bundles and is processed to achieve the curl or wave pattern listed. It is our more affordable collection, but still offers great quality hair.


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